Hari Raya Nyepi (Day Of Silence)

10 April 2017 • Post by w@rLaota0 Comments

After 364 days without a break, the earth and our bodies need one for a day to rest. Nyepi ( Day of Silence) is a day reserved for self-reflection and mind to refreshed. No lighting, no working, no entertainment or pleasure. The roads are empty. Ngurah Rai International airport is closed for 24 hours as well as the port of Gilimanuk which is the access to enter the island(Bali).

But, before Nyepi (Tapa Baratha Penyepian;Day of silence meditated) started. The citizens/residents watched the “pangerupukan” parade which is the festival of glorious giant doll called ogoh-ogoh. The main purpose of the making of Ogoh-ogoh is the purification of the natural environment of any spiritual pollutants emitted from the activities of living beings (especially humans).

Warung Laota all outlets (Tuban, Sunset Road, & Jimbaran) was closed on Nyepi day, in 2017 it falls on March 28 and open on the next day on March 29,2017.