The True Story Of Laota Youtube Video

21 May 2017 • Post by w@rLaota0 Comments

Laota is a Chinese term for the elderlies or the elder brother.

Laota’s journey began from his choice to explore the sea and tried fishing. Spending days in the sea, especially the fish. Besides, his passion for cooking the seafood itself has received a lot of praise from his friends on the ship.

Meeting his wife, Mrs.Merry Salengko, has convinced Laota to make his dream of opening a restaurant come true. Their attempt have fallen for many times but they never give up. With the endless support from his dearest wife and his skill of cooking porridge & Steamboat, Warung Laota finally had their doors open in 2002 in Bali.

“If We Cook With Love, It Means We Give The Love To Others”


Executive Producer: Merry Salengko & Simon Tam (Warung Laota)
Directed by:Erick EST|EST MOVIE
Music by:Dizta Yudistira