Cooking and Serving With Love, Everyone Would Feel at Home

Good times and Good food. It all adds up.


“Laota, the dishes you make are so delicious!”

Long ago, Mr. Laota was a fisherman. While he was sailing, he always cooked for his friends on the ship. And they were like, “the dishes you make are so delicious! Why don’t you open a restaurant?” At that time, Mr. Laota only thought about it. Until one day, the ship he used had sunk.


Tried To Find A Way Out Of Hard Times

The sinking of the ship and Indonesian economic crisis in 1998, prompted Mr. Laota to open his own restaurant. Surya Cafe & Beach Bar was his very first restaurant. But the restaurant failed and closed in 2000. He wasn’t confident to open a business again. But his wife convinced him to keep trying. Mr. Laota and his wife discussed and finally decided to sell a Hong Kong style porridge because it hasn’t been sold in Bali at the time.

Found the recipe of the best Hong Kong porridge. That’s when Warung Laota was born.

Warung Laota was established in 2002 in Bali, there was only 4 tables and 7 waiters including Mr. Laota himself.

Authentic Homemade Recipes

Our porridge is always crafted with care and serve by professional talent. We will give you the taste of authentic Hong Kong porridge.

Warung Laota’s Signature

We’re still using the recipe that Mr. Laota found back in 2002 and trying to serve the best quality of Mr. Laota’s signature dishes.

Fresh Ingredients

Carefully selected and fresh ingredients to make our dishes more sustainable and delicious.

Preservatives Free

We serve a healthy comfort food which does not contain any preservatives. Everything is made in-house.

17 years and still counting

Now, Warung Laota has 4 branches with our team who keep on growing. Not only porridge, we’re now also have seafood, dim sum, roasted duck, and other menus.


Variety of Dishes Made to Satisfy Any Taste.

All day, everyday. Warung Laota’s menus can be eaten at any time. As time goes by, we’re not only serving the signature porridge. Now, you can enjoy various Hong Kong style dishes. Try our homemade dishes made from fresh ingredients!

Warung Laota Tuban always ready to serve you 24/7. Whether you’re in the mood for a big plate or the small ones, you can always come to us. Enjoy our new menu, various kinds of Dim Sum are ready to serve in Warung Laota Jimbaran.

  • Homemade & Fresh

    Experiencing Hong Kong Style Homemade Dishes.
    a wide range of both Hong Kong porridge, seafood steam, Steamboat/Chinese Hot Pot and Dimsum
    we serve them fresh everyday.